Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Polish Picks!

Happy Spring! Since the first day of Spring was a few days ago, I thought it was time to share my Spring Polish Picks with you all! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year because of the nice weather and pastel polishes ♥ Keep reading to find out what my favorite nail polishes are for this season!

All of these polishes were swatched with thin coats and I used OPI's Start to Finish base coat and Orly's Sec 'n Dry top coat.

Essie - Mint Candy Apple 
 How could I not include this polish in this post?! If you don't own this color (but you probably do) you need to run to your nearest Target and pick it up! This polish is the epitome of spring! It's a gorgeous almost icy light blue creme polish that just looks so nice on any skin tone. This was a huge lemming of mine until a few months ago and I was surprised to see that it's actually not mint green. I had seen so many swatches that showed that it was more green but I didn't realize that it could also be minty in an icy cold kind of way! Although this came out in Essie's Winter collection, I think it's a must-have for spring. Because this is a pastel polish, this is four streaky coats of Mint Candy Apple. The formula wasn't the best but it's totally worth it.

Essie - Tart Deco
Tart Deco is a stunning peachy/coral polish. You all know that I love this polish from my last Skimp or Spend post. Two smooth coats and it was perfectly opaque! I love this color for spring and it also makes me look tan which is always a plus! 

China Glaze - Lemon Fizz
So my camera basically freaked out when I took pictures of this! Lemon Fizz is actually more dusty and less neon looking in real life. It's such a lovely buttery yellow for the spring time. Although I love it, it was difficult to work with, this is five coats *sigh*. 

OPI - You're Such a Budapest
This is hands down my favorite purple polish in my collection! I love this because it's just the right shade of lavender that is pastel, yet bright at the same time. This polish has subtle shimmer running through it that sparkles out in the sunlight! It's also easy to work with, only three coats and it was perfect! Ladies, you all must have this! (This also looks good on pretty much everyone.)

Essie - Muchi, Muchi
Don't even get me started with this color... do you all see this beauty?! I mean, come on! Muchi Muchi is absolutely magnificent. It's so creamy looking and it's my favorite pastel pink! The only bad thing about this is that it's super streaky and this is five coats. I know, that's pretty awful, but look at that color! It's totally worth it in my book. 

Essie - Navigate Her
And lastly, Essie's Navigate Her. I'm not a huge fan of green polishes but if I had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be this one! It's a pistachio green that would be perfect to use in spring nail art (leaves, maybe?). The formula is also great, this is three smooth and easy coats. If you're a fan of green polish, make sure you have this in your collection! 

That's all girlies! What do you think of my Spring Polish Picks? I personally love all of them despite some bad formulas. But what do you expect from pastel polishes? Most of them are a pain to work with but that's just the price you have to pay to get a gorgeous color! Let me know what your favorite spring polishes are in a comment below :) I'll talk to you soon!