Friday, March 21, 2014

Skimp or Spend? # 3

Good afternoon everyone! How are you all doing? I'm home sick today (I just woke up with a really sore throat, nothing major) and I decided I'd post another Skimp or Spend? post for you! Thank you so much for loving this series, your positive feedback makes me so happy! :) 

Today we're talking about a perfect color for spring! I love peachy colors for this season, I think they are so bright and happy. I'll be discussing Essie's Tart Deco, and Revlon's Peachy. I purchased these both at Target, the Essie for $8.49 and the Revlon polish for $4.59. These colors are not exact dupes but they're so similar that you definitely don't need both (oops).

The first coat of each polish was pretty decent. These are definitely not one coaters, but I think they both covered the nail pretty nicely. I don't know if you can tell, but Peachy did bubble up on my middle finger. Tart Deco gave me no problems like that, it applied very easily. 

On the second coat, both polishes are completely opaque! The bubbles caused by the Revlon polish are a bit more visible now and that really turned me off. With two coats, it's pretty obvious that Tart Deco is a tad brighter than Peachy. 

Just like my last Skimp or Spend? post, both the Revlon and Essie polish are extremely shiny on their own so a top coat didn't make much of a difference. 

Looking at both polishes, I'm really stumped with this one! Both have great formulas, they applied pretty easily and they dry quickly! But for two reasons, I think I'd spend. Peachy did cause bubbles and I'm not too happy about that. It's also a touch darker than Tart Deco and I'm all about fun, bright colors this spring! Both are pretty great though, and I think whether you decided to skimp or spend, you'd make a great choice :) 

So what's your answer today? Skimp or Spend? ❤ 


  1. I already have Tart Deco, but I would still choose to spend, because I like it that it's a little more birght :)

    1. I agree, I love how much brighter it is than Peachy! I'd totally spend as well :)

  2. Both are such pretty colours! But I think in this case, I would have to spend