Wednesday, March 19, 2014

OPI Jelly Sandwich

Hey everyone! Today I have a long awaited jelly sandwich mani that I've been wanting to try for the longest time! I've done jelly sandwiches before, but now that I have OPI's Bubble Bath, I've had the urge to try this technique again. Continue reading for sparkly goodness! (WARNING: This will be a picture heavy post!)

I started this sandwich off (for all of you who don't know what a jelly sandwich is, it's basically a glitter polish sandwiched between a jelly polish) with three easy coats of OPI's Bubble Bath. I just recently got this polish and it is as magical and stunning as I thought it would be! This was a major lemming of mine and it's so perfect. Although this polish feels more like a crelly, I thought that if I used it carefully, it would look beautiful in this mani. Isn't she a beauty?

Next, I used OPI's Which Is Witch?, a dazzling holographic glitter polish with hex glitter and short bar glitter. This is one of my favorite OPI glitters because of how much glitter you get in just one easy coat! For this I did use two coats though because I wanted a sparkle fest on my nails!

(I sort of wish that I kept my nails like this, they were so glittery! Do you see that holo glitter in the bottle?)
After the glitter dried, I topped this off with one very thin coat of OPI's Bubble Bath again. I first painted my pointer finger and realized that I needed to do thinner coats since this polish is a crelly polish that is more opaque. When doing a jelly sandwich, you want to make sure that you can still see the glitter polish underneath!

Now my jelly sandwich is complete! I honestly really love this, it's so elegant and clean! I felt extremely classy when wearing this. I hope you all like it and try jelly sandwiches yourself sometime! Let me know which colors are perfect for a sandwich! :)

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