Nail Care Routine

Last updated: February 21st 2014

Welcome to the the Nail Care Routine page on my blog! Here I'm going to be sharing with you all of the goodies that I use to treat my nails, and to keep them strong and healthy! If you're interested, continue reading!

To me, nail care is one of the most important steps in doing my nails. I'll be showing you my full routine, this process takes about 30 minutes and I usually only do all of this once a week or whenever my nails are getting out of whack. Let's jump right in to all of the products that I use!

After a week or so, my nails get super long! This is why step one is always filing. Starting with clean nails, I grab my cute chevron nail file and start filing. I personally like my nails to be short and square (they're more manageable that way), but you can file your nails to any length and shape that you desire. 

After I file my nails, I usually get these weird pieces of nail that weren't completely filed all the way, so I use my nail buffer to gently remove them. I also use this to softly buff my nail beds. 

Now I usually use my Gel Cuticle Remover by Sally Hansen to gently "remove" my cuticles. This stuff is amazing, I started using this about a year ago when my cuticles were thick and wouldn't budge if I tried to push them back. This gel doesn't completely remove them, I guess it just sort of softens them and takes away any excess cuticle (not all of it.) I apply the gel to my cuticles, use the applicator to rub it in, and then wash it away with warm soap and water. 

If my cuticles need a little bit of extra help, I will use the square end of this to push them back. I also use the pointy side to scrape off any dirt or polish that is under my nails.

At this point, I apply my Apricot Cuticle Oil by Essie. This stuff is AMAZING, if you've been looking for a good cuticle oil, please try this one! It smells exactly like apricots but it's definitely not overpowering. My skin seriously drinks this oil up and they become so soft! 

This step is always my favorite, I moisturize my hands with my Korres Body Butter in the scent Guava. I don't know much about this brand and I have never seen it in stores but I have seen it online and on QVC (which is where my mom buys it.) Korres lotions are extremely moisturizing and they feel so nice on my skin! This is especially great during the winter time when my hands are dry. Korres has many other scents, I also have Bergamot Pear and Apple Blossom (which is in my backpack at all times, I apply it a million times while I'm at school!) I use the Guava scent because it smells like my mom and I love to put it on before I paint my nails :)

The final step is to add a base coat. My favorite is Essie's Grow Stronger Base Coat, it strengthens my nails and protects my nail beds from staining. I've tried other base coats but they haven't been great, I'd rather splurge a bit and purchase this one. I've been wanting to get my hands on OPI's Nail Envy but it's $16.99 and I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay that much!

Here are my natural nails with no base coat or anything on them! They're not the best and they've had their fair share of staining but I think they're pretty decent. They used to be extremely yellow so these are a big improvement! 

Well that's my entire nail care routine! I really hope you enjoyed and try some products that I mentioned, they're all amazing. If you have and suggestions for new products that I can try, leave a comment below. Also feel free to ask any questions. Thank you for reading!

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