Monday, May 26, 2014

Subtle Polka Dots

Hey everyone! Sorry again for my absence, (I feel like I say this so often now!) this last month of school has been really stressful and I haven't had time to paint my nails. I seriously can't wait for summer, it feels like I haven't had time to relax in years. Anyways, yesterday I finally had time to paint my nails again. Keep reading to find out more!

If you haven't noticed yet, I did file my nails back to a square shape. I'm not really sure how I feel about it yet, I'm kind of missing my round nails but I think I'll get used to these. To start off this subtle polka dot mani, I painted four coats of OPI's Bubble Bath. I know that's a lot of coats but this polish is just so gorgeous, it's definitely worth the hassle.

Once that dried, I created large dots with a dotting tool and polish. The light blue is Essie's Mint Candy Apple, the pink is OPI's Mod About You, and the dusty purple is Essie's Lilacism.

With a smaller dotting tool, I filled in the empty spaces with the same colors. Once I finished doing this, I topped it off with my favorite top coat, Seche Vite!

I hope you all enjoyed this nail design! I think this is a great way to add a little pizzazz onto a very neutral color. When you're wearing this, the polka dots are almost camouflaged, they are only noticeable up close so they're not overly obnoxious or anything (perfect for work). If you try this out make sure to tag me and use the hashtag #InspiredBySabrinasNails. Thanks so much for reading, I'll talk to you later!