About Me

     My name is Sabrina, I was born and raised in Southern California
and I first saw the world on July 13th 1998.

     As a small child I loved doing everything from coloring in my Hello Kitty coloring books, watching my sister play video games (sometimes being able to play myself if I was lucky,) playing follow the leader with my mom and just hanging out with my family.

   I was always creative as a child and really enjoyed anything about art. I took art lessons and even as I grew older, had done many crafts. I've sold bracelets and hair bows, and I've also learned how to crochet, bake, and paint. Now as a teenager I've walked into the world of makeup, hair and of course, nail polish.    

   I don't have a specific date of when I transformed my claws into canvases but I've started to take it 
seriously during December 2012 and created an Instagram for my nails on February 15th 2013. Even before 
this time though, I had always been slightly interested in my nails. In the past few years I've built up my collection and have learned new techniques. Who knows, I might have had this addiction since I was young.

    In February I had no idea where this Instagram would take me. I started off with low quality photos and a cheap watermark app I downloaded for free. Being as supportive as they are, my first two followers were my
mother and my 23 year old sister. Of course, they didn't know how far I would get either. But in a few months, I turned my small profile into something much more. 

     Three months later and I have over 7,000 followers, no, friends that are the most supportive and kind people I have ever spoken to. I still read through every comment and try my absolute hardest to respond to each and every one you post on my pictures because I don't want you to think that you're talking to a brick wall. I've met some amazing people who have contacted me through Kik and I have scrolled through so many nice comments that you guys have left me. 

     Over time more and more people have found out about my Instagram, including kids from my high school. At first, its a little scary but I've learned that they are just as supportive as everyone else. I'm ecstatic that so many individuals want to follow me on my journey. 

     Going back to my personal life, as a 14 year old girl I have a love hate relationship with school, love hanging out with my close friends, can't spend enough time on my computer and Nintendo DS and am in love with scary movies. Some people forget that I'm young and ask me things about opening up a nail salon but in reality, I'm still a kid. I have a silly mind and laugh at almost everything. I still make weird faces when in front of a camera and have a lot of fun with almost everything I do.

     I hope you've made it this far in this unusually long About Me page and have learned a lot about my daily life. In conclusion, I'm just a 15 year old girl obsessed with nail polish. 

Love, Sabrina 
P.S. For any of you wondering what my profile picture is on my Instagram, haha here it is.

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