Saturday, February 22, 2014

Skimp or Spend? # 2

I'm back with another post on my series, Skimp or Spend? I am so happy that you guys loved the last post, I received so many positive responses both on Instagram and on my blog. Thank you so much, you have all motivated me to keep this series going ❤ Today I'll be speaking about one of my favorite colors for spring, mint green!

I recently purchased Fashion Playground by Essie and as soon as I got home I wondered if I had any similar minty colors. Revlon's Jaded is pretty darn close. They look different in their bottles, but on the nail they actually look very similar. I purchased both polishes at Target, the Essie for $8.49, and the Revlon for $4.59. 

Here's one coat of each polish. As you can see, Fashion Playground is pretty thin, and the shimmer that you can see in the bottle is not very visible on the nail. Jaded was a bit better in formula but it did leave a huge bald spot on my middle finger... not cute. Bald spots are my worst nightmare, they are extremely annoying and hard to get rid of without layering a million coats over it. 

On the second coat, the Essie polish was building up pretty nicely. It was a bit streaky but I had no other problems with the formula. Jaded was also surprisingly decent, the bald spot covered better than expected but it was also streaky. The formula on Jaded is strange, it's kind of thick but sheer. I'm not sure if I'm a fan. 

This third coat really surprised me! Both of these polishes looked like they would need 4-5 coats but this third one really evened them both out nicely. Fashion Playground is a touch darker than Jaded but it's not too noticeable. 

Adding a top coat didn't change the nails too much, both Fashion Playground and Jaded are pretty shiny on their own :)

Now that I've swatched both, I think I would spend. I know, I know, Fashion Playground had a thinner formula but I really think that the layers built up nicely. The Essie polish also didn't cause me as much trouble as Jaded. I had no bald spots with the polish and I really love that. Although I would rather spend, that doesn't mean I hate the Revlon polish, it was also great but the bald spot killed it for me. I do love that it's a bight brighter though, I feel like it will be gorgeous in the summer! 

Man, this was a tough one! Let me know down below what your decision is, Skimp or Spend? Or maybe you think both are must-haves because they're slightly different! Leave a comment 


  1. Great post yet again, I think I'd spend and get the Essie. Although, here in Australia Revlon is nearly $20 and if you're lucky, you can find Essie as cheap as $8! -.-

  2. I think I would spend... essie's formula seems much better here plus Revlon tends to chip really quickly on me whereas essie usually wears quite well for me :)

  3. I think that both are pretty close because they both need 3 coats. Color wise, I don't think they're exact dupes. In fact, I would actually buy Jaded because I prefer that shade of mint! xD :)