Saturday, May 3, 2014

Girly Nautical Nails!

What's up beautiful people? Today I have some super cool nails inspired by the wonderful Karissa from @LifeIsBetterPolished on Instagram! I recently saw her do some really pretty nautical themed nails and I knew I had to recreate them. I haven't done anything like this before and I really love it!

I started off this design by painting my pinkie, index, and thumb nail with Essie's Boom Boom Room. A gorgeous pink creme polish.

For my middle finger I painted one coat of Golden- I by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, and topped it off with Color Club's Take The Stage. I love this gold glitter polish because it also has holographic flakes scattered through it!

For my ring finger I first painted it with a few coats of White on White by China Glaze. Once that dried completely, I used thin striping tape and carefully placed pieces on my nail to create stripes. (This was so hard to do! I don't understand why striping tape is so confusing.) Next, I painted over that with Essie's Mint Candy Apple and then immediately peeled off the tape to reveal (somewhat) perfect stripes.

Finally, to create the anchor I just used a small brush and slowly painted it on my ring finger with Boom Boom Room. If you have trouble with this, just remember to take your time and be patient!

I really hope you all love these just as much as I do! I'm glad that I'm finally getting back into nail art, it feels like I haven't done my nails in forever. Don't forget to follow Karissa @LifeIsBetterPolished to see more of her beautiful designs! Let me know what you think of these, I'll talk to you later 


  1. This is super cute! Love it! ♥

  2. Really cute take on nautical nails! I struggle with striping tape too lol I find it hard to get it to stick sometimes :(

  3. Love love LOVE this design, Sabrina!!! Beautiful job, as always!! <3