Sunday, April 27, 2014

Skimp or Spend? # 4

Long time no see! I'm so sorry that I've been gone for a week, I recently went on a mini vacation and that completely threw me off of my schedule! But I'm back with a new Skimp or Spend post :) Thank you guys for loving this series, I still get such amazing feedback from you all and I couldn't be happier. Continue reading if you'd like to find out the verdict of today's post!

Today I'll be talking about two gorgeous Tiffany Blue colored polishes. I've had both of these polishes for years (hence the old and crusty looking bottles) and I just realized how similar they are in color. The first polish is Wet n Wild's I Need A Refresh-Mint, which I purchased at Walgreens for $1.49 (what a steal!). And the pricier polish is the famous For Audrey by China Glaze, which I purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply for $6.79. These polishes are extremely similar, dare I say... dupes? Let's see! 

As you can see at this stage, these polishes look exactly the same! They both covered the nail quite nicely, they aren't super sheer or anything like that. They both offer about the same amount of coverage in one coat and look pretty good so far. 

Although both of these polishes look like they're pretty identical in quality so far, I just wanted to mention a little something about the brushes. Clearly, the brush on the Wet n Wild polish is super wide, while the China Glaze brush is pretty much an average size. Everyone has their own opinion on brush sizes and I just wanted to share mine. Personally, I found the Wet n Wild brush to be difficult to work with because I'm not used to one being so broad. I also didn't like all of the frayed strands at the end, it seemed to make a messier nail polish line. I do like the China Glaze brush more, but again, everyone has their own preference. I know some people who love a wider brush because it covers more of the nail and let's them paint their nails faster! 

With the second coat, both polishes definitely built up in opacity. They weren't 100% opaque, I still saw a few streaky/bald spots but you could probably get away with this if you were in a rush. The formula on both of these felt like they dried a little bit chalky but that might just be because I've had these for years! If you look closely at the nail polish line near my cuticle, you can see what I was talking about with the Wet n Wild brush. It made the line look strangely wavy because of the frayed brush and it was really bugging me! 

After the third coat, both polishes were completely opaque. They built up nicely to a perfect Tiffany Blue color! They are no longer streaky and I had no issues with the polish bubbling or anything like that. 

After I applied a top coat, it definitely smoothed out both polishes and took away the chalky look.

Now that I've tried out both polishes I'd have to say that I'm totally going to spend on this one. The Wet n Wild polish obviously has a great color match to For Audrey but I just really didn't enjoy dealing with the wide brush. It made my nail polish line look sloppy and because it was so wide, it was easy to load up too much polish onto the brush which often got onto my skin. But if you've been looking for this China Glaze polish and you've either have not been able to find it, or you can't get yourself to pay around 7 dollars for it, definitely get the Wet n Wild! 

So tell me, what would you choose? Skimp or Spend? 


  1. Wow from the bottles they looked different but on the nails they're right on! Great post! I would spend on this one too, I'm not a fan of the super wide brushes.

  2. I like wnw pro wide brush and I think I'd like to spend on it. Sadly they has changed "I need a refresh mint" into slightly greener shade :(