Sunday, February 2, 2014

Coral & Rose Gold Ruffian Nails

Good afternoon everyone! Right now I'm enjoying a Girls marathon (is anyone else in love with that show?!) and stressing out about how much homework I have on this gloomy Sunday evening, which means that this is a perfect time to procrastinate and blog :) Today I have some super cute ruffian nails to share with you that I'm honestly in love with. If you read yesterday's blog post, you'd know that I was thinking of adding a ruffian design on top of my swatch of Zelda by Julep, I tried it last night and they came out great!

I recently purchased nail studs from Amazon and the seller threw in some rad stickers to easily make french tips. I saw them sitting on my desk yesterday and they totally made my ruffian nail art dreams come true. I used the stickers near my cuticles and painted two coats of Neon & On & On by China Glaze over Julep's Zelda. If you guys want a step by step pictorial, I'll be posting one tomorrow (which I'm super excited about by the way!)

Neon & On & On was kind of disappointing, it was somewhat goopy and hard to work with. Maybe I just need some nail polish thinner to help it out. It's also a bright coral color, not so much pink as it looks in the pictures. I almost want to take these off because the layers of polish and Seche Vite were thick and it makes me feel gross for some really odd reason... BUT these nails are so pretty and fun that I'm definitely not removing these until they chip. 

I think that's all for today dolls, but there will be an awesome pictorial for tomorrow like I mentioned earlier. I'm really looking forward to it! So, how's your weekend going? I'd love to know! 

P.S. Please fill out this short survey (created by a friend) about gel nails if you have time! 

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