Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Polishes I Received this Christmas!

Hey guys! I know Christmas was over a month ago but I never had the chance to show you all what polishes I received this past holiday. I'm so grateful for the friends and family that fed my polish addiction and I'm so excited to share my new pretties with you!

*Disclaimer* I am in no way trying to brag about things that were given to me. I simply want to share them with you and show you my collection as it grows. I love reading about what polishes people bought/ received so I thought this would be a good idea :) I also want to mention that this will be a picture heavy post! 

To start, I'll show you polishes from one of my favorite brands, Essie! These polishes were given to me by my aunt, my friend Madi, and my mom!

From L to R: Off the Shoulder, Shake Your $$ Maker, Sable Collar & Using My Maiden Name
From L to R: Lots of Lux, Warm and Toasty Turtleneck, Miami Nice & Ignite the Night
I also got some really cool Revlon Nail Art Expressionist double ended polishes that my friend Jazmine gave me! I'm really excited about these because I had never seen them in stores before. These polishes have a regular brush on Side 1 and a nail art striper on Side 2. 

From T to B: Pop Art, Monet Monet & Ulterior Motif 
Jazmine also gave me some pretty pastel polishes from Claire's! Unfortunately none of these have names but I'm sure you can find these in stores or online.

From my uncle I received three China Glaze polishes that I really love! They're all unique and I had never heard of any of these nail polishes either. 

From L to R: Angel Wings, Holly- Day & Some Like It Haute
My sister bought me my first ever polishes from Julep! I had never tried this brand before and so far I'm really impressed. The jewel-toned colors are gorgeous and that top coat works really well!

From L to R: Paris, Rita, Polymer Top Coat, Holly & Zelda
Not only did my aunt give me Essie polishes, she also took me to Bed Bath & Beyond (which has a great beauty and nail polish section!) to purchase a few polishes. I picked out three mini sized Color Club nail polishes to sample because I had never tried the brand before.

From L to R: Modern Pink, Take the Stage & Factory Girl
To wrap things up, I'm ending with one of my most exciting gifts! My mom bought me a last minute gift at Ulta, the Glam Rock set by Butter London! Butter London is another first for me and these colors are absolutely gorgeous!

From L to R: West End Wonderland, Slapper, All Hail the Queen, Trout Pout, Buckie & Pillar Box Red
And that's every polish I received this Christmas! Thank you to everyone who gave me a gift and to all of you reading! I hope everyone had a great time with family and friends. Let me know what you were given this past holiday! :)

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