Friday, May 17, 2013

Target Haul

I went to Target yesterday and picked up a few polishes! The Target that I went to didn't have much of a selection, almost all of the Essie's were gone which was what I was looking forward to the most, so that was disappointing. But, I did buy some that I really love!
       I Will!                        Lacey Lilac
I bought two Loreal Polishes that I am so excited to add to my collection of Loreals! This is one of the best brands that I've tried, the polishes are creamy, opaque and super easy to work with. Loreal also has really nice pastel colors for Spring and I almost own all of them! On the left is a plain but gorgeous white called, I Will! I've been needing a new white polish because my old ones are starting to turn thick and goopy. On the left is Lacey Lilac which is a very unique shade of pastel purple, unlike any that I already own. These are so pretty and I can't wait to try them out!
Sinful Colors
Pink Forever                     Hazard
The Sinful Colors section at my Target had some very bright and exciting colors that I had never seen before so I decide to purchase a few. Pink Forever is unlike any nail polish in my collection, once I brought it home I compared it to my other pink shades and there were none like it. Its a very bright, almost bubblegum pink color that is very pretty in the bottle and looks very opaque. Hazard is a bright coral/peach shade that definitely leans more toward orange than it does pink. 
Coastal Surf
Lastly I bought Coastal Surf by Revlon. I really love Revlon but this polish isn't the best. I opened the bottle in the store and it unfortunately had a funny looking brush with a few crazy hairs not in place, but it was the last one in the store so I decided to buy it anyway. I guess its partially my fault for still purchasing it but I couldn't resist! This shade of blue reminds me of Avenue Maintain by Essie but this one is a bit brighter. I really like it and I hope I can still apply this somewhat easily despite the funky brush. 

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