Friday, May 17, 2013

Braided Nails

This is my second attempt at braided nails and they aren't so bad if I do say so myself! I really didn't know what to add on top of Coral Reef after I swatched it the other day and I thought that this would be perfect! The color scheme was a bit tricky to figure out but I ended up choosing a light pink, Easy Going by Sinful Colors and a shimmery gold color, Golden-I by Sally Hansen.
I still have a tremendous amount of trouble making each part of the braid even, some of my lines are shaky and it is something I still have to work on.
I also have a problem with this design because it tends to get rather thick. To achieve the braided nails, you have to keep layering the three different colors of nail polish, so by the time I get to the last few strands of the braid, it is extremely thick. So thick that even my trusty Seche Vite topcoat can't smooth it out. 
These nails unfortunately took hours to dry and have already had many dents in them and now as I'm typing this, are all pretty much ruined. But they were super pretty while they lasted and I was able to take some pretty snazzy photographs of them! I'll have to practice this design more often until I master it and I'll be posting a pictorial on both here and on my Instagram soon just in case YOU would like to recreate these too!  

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