Friday, May 17, 2013

Braided Nails Pictorial

Here's the pictorial for the Braided Nails that I posted on here and on my Instagram! Many of you requested this so I decided to take pictures of my process and share! Sorry for the large watermark on this, it's the only way I can somewhat still get credit from thieves!

Start off by choosing your three colors that you want to use in this design. I chose a coral color, (Coral Reef by Sally Hansen,) a Light Pink shade, (Easy Going by Sinful Colors,) and a gold polish, (Golden-I by Sally Hansen.)
  1. I started off with the coral polish as my base. 
  2. Next I got my gold polish, started at the edge of my nail and swiped it across diagonally to create the first part of the braid. 
  3. With the light pink polish I started from the other edge of my nail and swiped diagonally to the right, overlapping the gold to create a triangle looking shape with the coral color. 
  4. Now using the coral again, I'm going back to the right side and swiping the brush across, overlapping the pink shade.
  5. It's time to go back with the gold, start from the opposite edge and swiping the brush to the right to continue the braid.
  6. Going back with the light pink, I continued the braid.
  7. Using the coral I swiped the brush from left to right diagonally. 
  8. The braid is now starting to end, using the gold I repeated the last few steps.
  9. Finally with the light pink I finished off the braid, making sure that my line is as neat as possible because it will be fully shown.
Now you're done! I know my steps are confusing but I tried my best to explain! Haha hopefully the pictures explained it better than my words. If you try this out, please send me the picture so that I can see it! Or you can post the picture to Instagram, tag me in it and make sure to use the hashtag #inspiredbysabrinasnails. Have a great day and I hope you try this!