Sunday, February 16, 2014

Precision Nail Lacquer - Oasis Collection

Hey everyone, today I have some nail swatches for you. Precision Nail Lacquer was so kind and sent me their new Oasis Collection to share with you all! This collection includes nudes, browns, and even a shimmer shade! If you're interested, please keep reading :)

Precision Nail Lacquer polishes are all eco-friendly, 3-free, and cruelty-free. All of my swatches are shown without base coat, and one coat of top coat. Individual polishes are sold for $5.95, and the entire collection is sold for $30.00 on their website. Enjoy! 

Sandstorm is a cream/nude colored polish with yellow undertones. On the website, this is described as a creme but it really felt like a crelly to me. Five coats is shown on my nail because the polish was thin and a bit streaky. If you look closely you can still see some VNL (visible nail line) but I don't mind it, I think it looks really nice! Although this was five coats, application was a breeze. 

Sahara Deserted Me is a warm beige cream with pink undertones. This polish was just as thin as Sandstorm and shown here is four coats. I honestly don't know what I was thinking, this definitely needed another coat because there are visible bald spots and streaks. Again, this felt more like a crelly than a creme. I think this polish is gorgeous but I don't think it goes very well with my skin tone. 

Been There Dune That (how cute are these names?) is a creme taupe polish. This polish was a tad streaky but it wasn't too bad. I have never worn this color before and I have absolutely nothing like this in my collection. I used three coats (a fourth wouldn't have hurt) for this swatch. 

Sage is a dusty, olive green color with very subtle shimmer. I love this polish! It was super opaque in two coats and it applied extremely easily. This is a perfect fall shade and I can't wait to wear it later this year. Again, I really have no other polish like this and I've never even seen one out there that looks like this. 

You're In De-Nile River is a dark chocolate brown crelly. Aw man, this color is extremely beautiful, and I'm usually never a sucker for brown polishes! I would never gravitate toward this on my own but I'm so glad that I tried this. The website says this is a creme polish, but again this is totally a crelly and there's nothing wrong with that. The first coat was a bit sheer but the second made this opaque. I'm obsessed with this 

Scorpion King is a very deep brown, almost black polish with silver shimmer running through it. This is also a favorite of mine, I actually kept this one on because of how pretty it is! This is two coats of the crelly polish. I love the fact that the shimmer is so unique, it's obviously noticeable but it doesn't shine on your nail. They almost look like a bunch of tiny specks and it's gorgeous. I could probably wear this forever. 

That's all folks! Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this collection. I usually never go for these types of shades because I love bright colors but I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Most of these have a crelly formula (although the website says they are cremes) and apply fairly easily. These shades are such palette cleansers and are perfect for the fall time! Did I mention that most of these colors are very work appropriate? :)

If you're interested in purchasing any of these polishes or you want to learn more about Precision Nail Lacquer, please visit their website or follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or on their Facebook page

Thank you so much for reading! Which polish is your favorite and what are your thoughts on this collection? I'll talk to you later!


  1. Haha this would be a perfect fall collection! My personal fav is Sandstorm for sure. :) Nudes always get me! <3

    1. I agree, Sandstorm is really pretty! I can't wait to wear these colors in the later months. Thanks for reading! :)