Saturday, October 12, 2013

Soothing Dreamcatchers

Not only do dreamcatchers help filter out bad dreams, but they also look really cute on your nails! I've seen dreamcatcher nails everywhere lately and decided to finally hop on the bandwagon! They were much simpler than I thought they would be and they turned out nicely along with a white to lavender ombre on the other nails.

The lavender color I used is Sweet Hook by China Glaze, it's a creamy light purple that is opaque in two coats. I also sponged on white for the ombre with Superstar! by Pure Ice and topped it off with Fairy Dust by China Glaze. To create the dreamcatcher I first used a black striper to create a half circle at the top of my nail and then filled it in with cross hatching. I also added three lines at different lengths to act as the string to hold all of the accessories on the dreamcatcher. Finally, I drew on pink and yellow beads and added brown feathers to complete the look! You can really customize these nails however you want, you change the background color, the amount of feathers and beads, and you can also change the design that goes inside of the half circle! If you try these out, use the hashtag #inspiredbysabrinasnails and tag me in the Instagram photo, or send me the picture through Kik or email! Have a great day!

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