Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tribal City

Wow, a lot of you guys on Instagram really loved this design when I posted it yesterday! I wasn't expecting such a positive response after an entire week of nail fails which was the reason for my 6 day absence. I'm not completely sure what inspired this design but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!

I began this mani with two coats of Love by Pure Ice. This is one of my favorite pink nail polishes because it is opaque with 1-2 coats, and it applies very smoothly. I've had this polish for about a year and it hasn't gotten thick or goopy. Not only is it inexpensive, it is also pretty high quality in my opinion. 

When that dried, I grabbed my white nail art striper and created a triangle near my cuticle. Then with the black striper I added details, such as lines, squares and a smaller triangle. I made sure to have a steady hand when creating these fine lines, I needed to stay concentrated in order for the design to look clean in the end. 

So far this mani was just pink, black, and white. It was honestly very plain and I was racking my brain to try and figure out what would make it look better. I then realized that it needed some kind of pop! Orly's Glowstick would definitely do the job. I took a thin nail art brush and filled in the smallest triangle and the stripes. I think that the neon yellow was a great contrast to the rest of the colors.

I honestly think there's something wrong with me at this point. I feel the need to make every design MATTE! But c'mon, everything is better when it's matte, right? Being Sabrina, I slapped on OPI's Matte Top Coat as usual to give this mani a special look. I really love this and I hope you do too!

Thank you to Nicole28_ on Instagram for giving this design a name! Tribal City is a perfect fit because it sort of looks like a skyline, and it also is very tribal! 

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