Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blue Jelly Sandwich

This 4th of July I decided not to go crazy with the red, white and blue. Instead, I went for a subtle jelly sandwich that still included the classic, rich blue color in the flag.

 For being my first attempt at a jelly sandwich, I am actually pretty proud. I never thought it would be packed with so much glittery deliciousness. I can't stop staring at my sparkly blue finger nails!

A jelly sandwich is when you sandwich a glitter polish between a jelly polish. For example, in my mani I started off with a few coats of Bouncer, It's Me by Essie, then I added two coats of Radiant by Revlon for the glitter, and finished it off with one last coat of Bouncer, It's Me. 

The consistency of a jelly polish is very thin and sheer, which is why it works so well for a jelly sandwich. When I add the final coat of Bouncer, It's Me, it's thin enough to still make the glitter visible but thick enough to tint the glitter to a dark blue. 

Radiant by Revlon is packed with medium sized, green, silver, and turquoise hex glitters. Along with very small and circular turquoise glitters. Two coats was just right for this look. I am so in love with this mani and I'll be keeping this one on for a while!

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