Saturday, July 13, 2013

Birthday Nails

I've decided to have a very special mani for a very special day! Today is my birthday and I'm finally turning 15 years old. This is the design I came up with for this occasion!

When I had first started this manicure I was honestly stumped. I didn't know what kind of things I could put on my nails to represent that it was my birthday. I just randomly began to draw white stars on my thumb out of boredom, thinking that I would later take it off. Who would've known that they came out so nicely and that they would work so well with the theme of my nails! After liking the thumb nail I painted candles reading the number 15 on my index finger, followed by a striped nail including the color scheme of this mani, (neon pink, blue, purple and white.) The ring finger has a base of 4 coats of Set In Stones by Essie, topped with a purple cupcake! Lastly, the pinky has the same stars as the thumb, tying in the whole look together. I really love how these turned out and I won't want to take them off tomorrow even though it will no longer be my birthday (:

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