Sunday, June 23, 2013

How To: Galaxy Nails

Long time, no see! I feel like I haven't posted a blog post in a long time! Now that I'm on summer vacation I will be updating regularly! Recently I've redone the famous galaxy print design. I have done these before but I wanted outer space on my nails again, plus it would be a great opportunity to create a pictorial which has been highly requested.

A sponge- I use some that are called Cosmetic Wedges
that I picked up at Target for a few dollars.

A dark blue polish for your base color- I used Marinho
by Maybelline Color Show.

A white, purple, black and blue polish.
From L to R:
Superstar by Pure Ice, On A Trip by Wet N Wild, Liquid Leather by China Glaze, Shower Together by China Glaze.

A very fine glitter polish- Fairy Dust by China Glaze.

Step 1: Start off with a few coats of your dark blue nail polish.
Step 2: Using your sponge, dip it into white polish and dab it on random spots on your nail. Don't be too careful with this, it is supposed to look unique! I started with white so that when we layer on the next polish colors, they will pop. 
Step 3: Now dip your sponge into the purple polish and dab some onto parts of the white that you sponged before, making sure to leave some white peaking through. 
Step 4: Now take your blue polish and sponge it onto random areas to add more depth. 
Step 5: Now sponge on black to make this look darker and more mysterious like the night sky.
Step 6: Going back with the white, I dabbed it onto a few more areas since its been covered up by the other colors. 
Step 7: Now I used Fairy Dust by China Glaze and added one coat over the design to add the illusion of small stars. 
Step 8: This is completely optional but I like to add a few bigger stars by dipping a small dotting tool in white polish and adding a few stars in random spots. Finish with a topcoat. 

Finished Product:

You'll be left a beautiful galaxy design that you can show off to your friends and teach them how to do as well! Make each nail a bit different to make the look fun and exciting! If you try this out, post it to Instagram, tag me in the photo and use the hashtag #inspiredbysabrinasnails so that I can see it! Or send it to me through Kik or Email! I really hope you try this design!

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